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The series employs fractal circles to create repeating patterns, using a monochrome color palette on the canvas. The number, size, and density of circles as well as the level of recursion, vary across the pieces. The introduction of these variations and arcs adds a new dimension to fractals by juxtaposing their self-similar nature at all scales with elements of randomness.

This is my third series in a row that features a monochromatic color palette. There's something about the limitation of using only binary colors that enables me to appreciate abstraction purely for its form.

The series draws its name from Sayed Haider Raza of the Bombay Progressive Artists' Group. I have always admired Raza’s use of sacred geometry and his abstract work has forever been a source of inspiration. Raza believed that ‘Bindu’ (the dot, point or circle) is the ultimate point of creation, representing the universe in its entirety.

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