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This project uses cellular automata where the state of a cell in a new generation is determined based on its own and its neighbors' states in the previous generation. The guiding rules for these transitions, however, are not static; they undergo a random change every few generations, chosen from a possible 256 rules. By also slightly shifting the positions of cells and using an outline and texture that conveys a hand-drawn style, I have tried introducing an element of organic randomness.

Stepping away from the monochromatic color scheme used in my last three series, I have used a gradient effect to convey a transitioning hue across generations, combining a palette of two colors selected from an array of 14 different palettes.

The alternating rules and fluctuating cell positions serve as the apparent justification for its name. However, a subtler inspiration lies in my deep admiration for Franz Kafka and his remarkable short story, "The Metamorphosis". Kafka’s narrative explores the constantly evolving state of human existence, where patterns appear momentarily only to dissipate quickly. Just when you think you've spotted a pattern, poof, it changes. Just like in life, right.

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