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Sol is a companion project that complements my recent series, Metamorphosis. Both projects, share a common foundation - a cellular automata engine. The state of each cell in a new generation is influenced by its own state as well as those of its neighboring cells from the last generation. The rules guiding these state transitions, however, are dynamic. Sol for me is an experimental plotter project. 

The inspiration behind the name 'Sol' springs from my visits to SF MoMA, where I always find myself in the space dedicated to Sol LeWitt. Through the repetition and variation of a singular concept, LeWitt constructed forms that were striking, often evolving from basic geometric forms into intricate structures. The same is also echoed in the principle of emergence in cellular automata, where complex systems arise from the interactions of simple components governed by rules. This series, Sol, is a homage to LeWitt's ingenuity in favoring dispassionate geometric forms over the emotionally-infused abstract art styles.

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