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Pixel Symphony - Generative Artist

Exploring the intersection of code and creativity!

My body of work is an evolving orchestra of form, color, and thought, anchored in the interwoven fabrics of generative art and abstraction.


Based in California, my work reflects the inexhaustible curiosity and analytical scrutiny with which I view the internal and external realms. Informed by an educational tapestry that spans Modern and Contemporary Art, Psychology, and History & Religious Studies, my creations combine the geometric abstraction reminiscent of the suprematists with the emotional depth and texture akin to the abstract expressionists. The intricate patterns and forms born from geometric rigor resonate with the sheer emotive force that emerges from the canvas, turning the abstract into a living spirit.

One significant element in my artwork is the recurrent use of patterns. This principle reflects my fascination with the emergence of complexity from simple rules and forms. By drawing parallels between evolving states and the flux of human experiences, my art creates a bridge between mathematical abstraction and psychological depth.

My palette often wavers between monochromatic to gradient color schemes. This choice reflects a deliberate constriction to emphasize form, or a release into the spectrum to explore transitions and metamorphoses. The monochromatic color palettes, in particular, symbolize a journey into the essence of abstraction, unhindered by the cacophony of colors.

Additionally, my work often embraces the tenets of sacred geometry. The utilization of fractal circles, dots, and repeating patterns signifies the eternal connection between microcosm and macrocosm. I weave elements of randomness and varying scales to mirror the boundless possibilities that lie in the simple, fundamental forms.

My art is a dialogue between the stoic and the sentient, the geometric and the organic. It's a conversation between the dichotomies that define the human experience, captured in abstraction. I invite viewers to partake in this dialogue, to unravel the threads of form and emotion, and to explore the symphony that is constantly being composed within and around us.


2012 - 2013

Post-Graduate Diploma in Contemporary Art & Curatorial Studies

Victoria & Albert Museum

2016 - 2018

Master's Degree in Psychology

Penn State University

2021 - 

Master's Degree in History & Religious Studies (ongoing)

Harvard University

Contact Me

DM on twitter @pixel0symphony

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